PDF Services

The Press Quality PDF

We can create Press Quality PDFs from most PC and MAC programs that are suitable for all print processes.

We will ensure that the fonts are embedded, the colour is CMYK and the blacks set to overprint if required. We will warn you of any low resolution pictures, and add bleed and crop marks if needed. We can also produce imposed PDFs if you supply an imposition layout.

  • Our minimum charge for creating a Press Quality PDF from a supplied file is £30.
  • If you require further work on the file such as imposition or adding bleed, this will be on a studio rate of £60 per hour.

Other PDF Services

We can create PDF forms, PDfs for the web or for document archiving, please feel free to ask about these services as each project is different and will need to be assessed independently.

More Info

The studio is equipped with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Professional and Creative Suite to produce files suitable for many purposes. We can add bleed, convert colours to CMYK or Pantone spot colour, make amendments such as fixing typos and grammatical errors, and replace low quality pictures with high resolution images.

We are also not afraid of Microsoft Office and are happy to use files from Word, Publisher, Powerpoint or Excel and files can also be produced from a range of software applications such as CorelDRAW, Serif PagePlus, Open Office, Gimp and InkScape, although some of these programs have some restrictions we can overcome most of them.