About us

How our print company started:

Jupiter Associates is a long established local print company that actually started life as Jupiter Press in the 1950’s. The company was started by a Mrs Taylor, mainly printing newsletters about the occult in her garden shed in Sanderstead. The name Jupiter is rumoured to have had some occult based reference that has been lost in the mists of time.

Jupiter Press itself was run by Tom Clark until 1971 when it became Juptier Associates Ltd. Tom’s son Graham took over in 1987. Graham’s son is currently undecided about his future prospects!

Development of our print services

In those early days, when Jupiter Associates first operated out of the current premises, we were a trade bureau, offering design, print management and film imagesetting. This was back in the day when everything was printed using film (or shot on bromide). We would do huge film runs for brochure printing or catalogue printing which we would always check carefully before printing. Nowadays all our brochure and booklet printing is done straight from PDFs.

The company has continued to grow and develop into the efficient and knowledgeable company it is today by embracing new technologies, investing in the latest software and working with determination and a can do attitude.

Printing for the future

Our online print ordering service continues to offer a low cost solution but maintains a high level of customer service both pre and post sales.

Our years of experience, motivated, friendly staff and high quality print partners, make us suited to take on almost any task with ease.