Film Imagesetting

The Imagesetter

Our Heidelberg Herkules drum imagesetter has a maximum image area of 744mm x 557mm. It images hard-dot film positives or negatives at 1270dpi, 2540dpi or 3386dpi at the highest resolution imagesetting a halftone screen ruling of 200 lines per inch. Our film imagesetting output is checked daily for density and tint accuracy so you can be assured of the quality.


Our Highwater Torrent RIP runs Harlequin-based RIP software, enabling it to handle the most complex graphics files, containing intricate Illustrator CS transparency effects, quickly and accurately.

The Prices

These prices are per film and the reduced rates apply to files supplied as multipage Print Ready PDFs with all the pages being the same size. The sizes below include crop marks and bleed:

1-12 13-36 37+
A4 up to 322mm x 230mm £5.00 £3.50 £2.90
A3 up to 322mm x 450mm £9.65 £6.60 £5.40
A2 up to 640mm x 450mm £13.40 £9.65 £8.65
B2 up to 744mm x 557mm £16.40 £10.90 £9.90

There is a minimum charge of £25 per job, which can include film and imposition and/or studio time.
Please email your film jobs to where we endeavour to post it out the same day. If you have more than one job that isn’t covered by our minimum charge, we recommend that you send them to us in the same email so that they get processed together and don’t attract a minimum charge for each one.

We can run positive film, negative film, imposed film, and output film from virtually any program, such as Microsoft Word, Publisher and Powerpoint, but these days we do prefer a PDF. Our film is suitable for litho printing, screen printing, letterpress and fine art. We can run emulsion side up and emulsion side down, at 200lpi, 175lpi, 150lpi, 133lpi, 120lpi, 100lpi or below, and with various dot shapes to suit. Our low cost film options are suitable for all types of printing.