JAL’s First Post

I think about printing quite a lot. It’s hard not to, I have been conditioned over the years of working in the industry to think about print. I think about it when I am at restaurants, when I am handed leaflets in the street, when I open my post, when I look at bill boards, shop fronts and fly posters. I spot typos and misaligned text, uncomfortable hyphenation, bad grammer, double spaces and rogue capitals. It’s a bit of an obsession, an addiction, a disease, I should put it to good use.

When I am not thinking about printing, I am thinking about the weather, food, wine and beer, camping or maybe a hotel break, I like the sea and the hills, I like cycling and gardening, and I like Croydon, so when I’m not discussing printing, I might blog about any of the above, just to pretend I am quite a rounded person really.