It’s Friday

Have you got that Friday feeling yet? It is half past four so you should have, but I haven’t.

I’m coming to the end of a week of tidying up loose ends. The website should have been up and running, but there is the small detail of the hosting, and redirects. This looked quite easy but you know how it is with BT, you call about one thing and before you know it they want to update your PABX, renegotiate your phone deal and tie you into a new broadband contract. Slowly the offer is getting better so they said they would send the details. Here I am, just waiting for that email so I can get it confirmed by home time, and where is their email? Nowhere to be seen, oh well, not that I’m short of anything to do, but a Friday night is always a good time to cross one thing off the list.

So in the absence of list crossing, I’ll get on with a bit more work…and wait for that Friday feeling to arrive…

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