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Put a Spring in your step

The weather made a turn for the better last Bank Holiday weekend and we can only hope that it might do it for us again. I’m not quite ready to risk the newly shooted vegetable seeds in the garden overnight just yet, but I’m optimistic that there won’t be any more frosts. It is a great time of year to get out and about and what with another mostly dry if not exactly warm Bank Holiday weekend coming up I know I will be making the most of it, as I’m sure many people will, although I haven’t actually decided on doing a barbeque –  yet.

If you are not the gardening type, or fancy a walk somewhere less domestic, why not consider a walk in Lloyd Park, and what’s more you can always do it for charity. Mind In Croydon have arranged a Positive Steps Charity Walk, but so even if the 15km is too far you can always have a wander around the other events.

Mind in Croydon – Positive Steps


Mental Health Awareness Week 2013

Mental Health Awareness Week 2013

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